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Accelerate your metabolism and reach your weight goal just like a celebrity: through the big door. Shedding pounds naturally has never been so easy as with Camino de Cabras. The L-carnitine, garcinia, and glucomannan inhibit the body’s mechanism for depositing fat and bring you closer to your objective… naturally and effortlessly. You just worry about showing off your killer body.

Camino de Cabras inhibidor de apetito

Protect yourself from hunger

We’d like to introduce you to your bodyguards against binge eating: chromium and vitamin B6. They regulate appetite, anxiety… and they even improve your mood! You know that feeling of depression you get sometimes when you’re on a low-calorie diet? With these two allies on your side, you’ll never have to feel that again.

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Curves or muscles so defined that they are the centre of attention wherever they go. Does that sound good? Well it feels even better. You have L-carnitine and black pepper to thank for that– they’re your best friends for doing away with the fat reserves on your waist, buttocks, and arms. This is the real deal!

They’ll know you for your strength

Do you want to have a better performance at the gym than ever? To go for a run and feel your legs fly across the ground? To lift weights (almost) like Schwarzenegger himself? Your solution is two words long: Vitamin C. It doesn’t just reduce fatigue and minimise how tired you get, you’ll also burn more calories in less time. It’s all advantages.

Celebrities don't do oxidative stress

All self-respecting celebrities have declared free radicals as their enemy. These molecules are the ones responsible for our bodies ageing and oxidative stress. To fight these phenomena, there’s no better combination than vitamin C and the polyphenols found in green tea.

Camino de Cabras Productos antioxidantes

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Garcinia Cambogia
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