Benefits of l carnitine

ventajas de la l carnitina

Among the components that we include in our high-impact fat-burning formula is a high concentration of carnitine, a substance that serves, among other things, to accelerate the fat-burning process, which is why it is commonly used by athletes as a supplement for improve your performance or as a supplement to weight loss programs.

Still don’t know the benefits of l carnitine? If you still don’t know all the good things that it hides, don’t worry, because in this post we are going to talk about all the advantages of l carnitine.


What is l carnitine and what does it do?

Carnitine is a small molecule that can be diluted in water and that we can find naturally and in high concentrations in our muscles. In fact, 98% of the l carnitine in our body is found in them.

Human beings are capable of naturally producing l carnitine, although we also manage to increase its reserves through foods that contain animal protein. This is synthesized in the liver, kidneys and brain and acts as a means of transport that allows fats to be used as an energy source during physical activity.


Main benefits of l carnitine

In addition to the benefits of l carnitine for weight loss due to its fat burning function, we can find other very interesting effects for our health, among which we highlight the following:


l carnitine: benefits to give it your all at the gym

Running out of energy in the middle of spin class? Are you one of those who leave the exercise routine for “another day” because they run out of batteries? If so, l carnitine will become a very good ally since it participates in the production and release of energy, increasing sports performance and aerobic and anaerobic capacities.

By using fats as an energy source compared to sugars and acting directly on the fat mass, muscle fatigue is reduced and therefore, the recovery time after exercise. They are all advantages right?


l carnitine: benefits to feel younger

In a study carried out at the University of Berkeley, it was shown that the combination of carnitine and lipoic acid (a powerful antioxidant in our body) are related to higher levels of activity, energy and cognitive functions.

That extra energy intake that you need to regain the vitality that you think you have lost is hidden in some small tablets.


l carnitine: benefits to keep your heart healthier and stronger than ever

L carnitine is used many times as an additional component for treatments that seek to improve heart health in patients who have suffered arrhythmias, angina pectoris or heart attacks.

In addition to strengthening the heart, l carnitine helps our body eliminate excess glucose in the blood, which is why it helps to combat the appearance of diabetes problems in those with a higher risk of suffering from it.


l carnitine: benefits to say goodbye to stretch marks for good

Carnitine has recently begun to be used in treatments that seek to improve the quality of the skin, especially in people who seek to fight against the hateful stretch marks.

Stretch marks are caused by the breakdown of collagen found in the skin, specifically in the so-called collagen maya found in the upper skin tissues. Well, l carnitine acts as a repair agent for this structure, helping stretch marks to disappear once and for all.


Camino de Cabras Health: the benefits of l carnitine in pills

From what you may have seen, the main benefits of l carnitine, along with a healthy and active life, will not only help you get stronger than vinegar, but will also provide you with iron health. Not everything is going to be getting muscle right?

With our high impact fat burning supplement Camino de Cabras Health you will be one step closer to improving your health in a natural and efficient way.

You want to know more? Don’t think twice and let us introduce you to our fat burning formula: natural, vegan, without additives… what more could you ask for.

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