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Benefits of Selenium for the body

Selenium is an essential trace element for the proper functioning of the body. The body cannot produce Selenium, so it must be supplied through the diet or a supplement. Selenium stands out for its remarkable antioxidant properties, helping to prevent diseases such as cancer and strengthening the immune system. It is also characterized by being anti-inflammatory,...
beneficios del selenio

Get ready for your first race as a runner

Running is a sports practice that consists of running a certain distance at a set time. The main objectives of runners are to run to practice a sport, be fit and achieve goals. Throughout the year, runners compete in various races or marathons. For this, they must prepare months before achieving a successful career. If...

Cardamom a great ally for health

Surely you have heard of cardamom. It is a spice widely used in gastronomy and medicinal areas, originally from southern India and Sri Lanka. The use of cardamom dates back to the Egyptians, who chewed the seeds to clean their teeth. In contrast, the Greeks and Romans gave it cosmetic use as perfume. It was...

Keys to improving your sports performance

Athletes constantly work for successful results. However, these goals are often not achieved due to different factors such as poor sports performance. Knowing the keys that will help you improve your sports training will allow you to work better.
rendimiento deportivo

Main sports to practice in summer

The arrival of summer should not be an impediment for you to continue practicing your favorite sport or doing some physical activity. If you want to preserve your figure during the holidays, you can practice some of the most common summer sports. Do you want to know what they are? Stay until the end and...
sports in summer

Get better results in the gym with these tips

Exercising is key to enjoying a healthy life. Although it sounds easy, there is a story of effort behind each training session. Some feel that they do not perform optimally in the gym or do not have enough energy when exercising. When this happens, it is more challenging to see effective results. If you want...

Bikini operation for this summer

Summer is coming, and everyone wants to steal looks with a bikini body. Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year because it includes vacations, sun, beach, and rest. However, the change in routine and high temperatures can play against it if the appropriate recommendations are not followed. If you want to...

Foods to combat spring asthenia

Spring is here, good weather, sunshine, flowers, warmer temperatures… A fantasy! But all that glitters is not gold and with these seasonal changes, many people feel tired, anxious and even fatigued. This is known as spring asthenia and although not everyone knows what it is, many people suffer from it. That’s why at CCHealth we’ve...
Alimentos para combatir la astenia primaveral

Benefits and contraindications of black pepper

Pepper is known as “the queen of spices” and is one of the most widely used condiments in the world. This spice has a spicy and aromatic touch that is used to enhance the flavour of countless dishes. But its use is not only limited to culinary purposes; numerous studies have shown that it helps...
Beneficios y contraindicaciones de la pimienta negra

What are the healthiest snacks?

One of the tricks to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is to eat at least five meals a day. This means that two of them are between meals and that’s where the complications begin, isn’t it? Choosing healthy snacks is not as easy as it sounds. Usually when we mention the word snack we think...
¿Cuáles son los snacks más saludables?
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