Green tea slimming properties

propiedades adelgazantes del té verde

It is very possible that you have consumed green tea on more than one occasion, or perhaps you remember a time when you have heard that green tea makes you lose weight or that green tea burns fat … But is it true or is it just a myth?

It is touching to leave doubts, right?

Well, precisely to talk about whether or not green tea helps you lose weight, we bring you this post today. Because losing weight is possible and doing it through natural means, too.

Let’s go there.


Before you know if green tea makes you lose weight. Do you know what green tea is?

Let’s start at the base knowing what green tea is and where it comes from. Camellia Sinensis is a small shrub that grows in the more humid areas of India and eastern China. Its green leaves (which are what give the plant its name) are harvested fresh and then subjected to a drying, pressing and crushing process.

Chinese medicine considers green tea as a healthy drink that protects the body and cares for it through its antioxidant properties given its high concentration of catechins and polyphenols and as an excellent source of minerals, providing our body with potassium, calcium, sodium, fluoride, manganese and iron.

In addition, since it is an infused drink, green tea has no calories and therefore is a perfect ally to complement diets to lose weight.


And why does green tea lose weight?

The key property of green tea for weight loss is its natural effect as a fat burner. As it is a stimulating drink and incorporates theine, it has a thermogenic effect on the body that helps to burn fat.

The properties of green tea to lose weight are many: it is a natural accelerator of metabolism, it helps our body to eliminate fat more easily and it also has a powerful diuretic effect.


Green tea is a metabolism booster

Have you never met that person who eats a lot but does not get fat? The one that they say maintains its weight “by metabolism”?

This is true and false in equal parts, on the one hand, there are many genetic and daily activity factors that influence this type of people to consume a greater number of calories without gaining weight. But on the other hand if it is true that an accelerated metabolism contributes to the body having a greater energy need, which translates into a greater consumption of calories.

The antioxidants contained in green tea make your body enter a state of thermogenesis and increase your body temperature, which is of great help to eliminate a greater number of calories.


Green tea as a satiating drink

The satiating effect of green tea is a very important benefit and that is why many professional dietitians recommend it as a supplement to their diets and as a treatment for many anxiety problems when eating.

Having a cup of green tea after meals, in addition to promoting digestion and the absorption of nutrients, will help you reduce the need to snack between meals.


Green tea as a diuretic solution available to everyone

Green tea is a powerful solution to combat fluid retention problems due to its powerful diuretic action. In addition to eliminating retained fluids, it will also clean toxins from the blood, intestine and purify saturated fats, making you feel less bloated and relieved, while helping your kidneys and liver work better.


Helping to improve your physical and mental performance with green tea

Training a stronger point is possible with green tea because in addition to directly promoting weight loss, the metabolic activation that consumption of green tea entails translates into an increase in physical capacity and improves levels of attention, memory and perception .

Among the properties of green tea is also L-theanine, an amino acid that helps fight stress and helps improve concentration. So that not everything is to activate the muscles!


More benefits of green tea?

Although these benefits are not directly related to its fat burning effect, we have considered it interesting to mention them given that our main concern at Camino de Cabras Health is that you can enjoy full health.

Green tea is a great ally against the prevention of cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases. Although it includes theine in its composition and should be consumed in moderation in people with cardiovascular problems, the properties of green tea act directly on cholesterol or triglyceride levels.


Camino de Cabras Health and green tea

At Camino de Cabras we are aware that green tea makes you lose weight and we know first-hand all the benefits of green tea that we have mentioned throughout this post. With all this in mind… How could we not use this super ingredient in our fat burning supplement?

The Camino de Cabras Health high impact fat burner is nothing but the result of a long-term research in which we have searched for the best natural ingredients that will seek to optimize the fat burning process in a healthy and easy way and for this we have including green tea extract as one of the main components in our tablets.

Why not try them? You are only one step away from enjoying all its benefits, reaching your goals and improving your health.