Food Anxiety: How to Control It

I’m sure that in many cases you have felt an uncontrollable need to eat something, even though you know it’s not good for you. Being a pure food urge doesn’t help at all to reach our 10 body goal. But don’t worry, today we will show you a natural treatment for food anxiety.

Gone are those unhealthy food binges that make us feel so bad. You just have to keep reading and practice the tricks we’re going to teach you. Start!


How to take away the anxiety of eating naturally

We live in an increasingly stressful world, so it is normal that anxiety is also transferred to our eating habits. We must try to find a physical as well as emotional balance that will help us decrease that feeling of anxiety.

A good way to achieve that balance is to look for something natural to take the anxiety out of eating. There are various ways to do this, which is why we will classify them into two groups.


1. Foods that help reduce eating anxiety

A good way to start reducing anxiety is to start making small changes in your diet. There are certain foods that help you feel full, so they should be an important part of your meals.


Fruits and vegetables

They will become your best friends to fight anxiety. They are very healthy, as they contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins and very few calories, so they are not fattening. In addition, they provide us with fiber and water, giving a greater sense of satiety.

So, you know, eat lots of fruit!



Legumes have a high protein content and provide a large amount of fiber. Thanks to this, they are one of the foods that satiate more, faster and for longer.


Cereals: oats

Any cereal is a good option since they are great sources of fiber. However, oats stand out from the rest. It is a very good option to eat as an appetizer since it makes us feel full even though we consider it a light food.



We were told all along that you can’t eat more than three eggs a week. And this is because in excess, they can produce cholesterol. However, if we incorporate them into our meals in a controlled way, they will act as a suppressant due to their high nutritional value.


Dry fruits

The ideal is to eat a handful a day, as they contain slow absorbing fats. This means that with little we eat, it will make us not hungry for quite some time.



They are not yet a food that is fully incorporated into our diets but they are being consumed more and more. They are a very healthy food that brings many benefits to our health. One of them is its satiating function since, together with the gastric juices, it acts as a thickener, giving a greater sensation of satiety.


2. Tips to control eating anxiety

Drink lots of water

Water is satiating, so a good trick is to always have a bottle of water next to you. This way you’ll drink more and not have as much of an appetite at lunchtime.


Make all five meals, at the same time

The more time you let pass between one meal and another, the more you will eat. The best thing is to set a schedule and try to eat at the same time every day. This will help your body generate a routine and you will only be hungry at those stipulated hours.


Keep yourself entertained

Hunger from boredom is the worst! To avoid going to the fridge constantly, even when you are not hungry, you can look for some kind of entertainment. As long as your brain is busy with something else, it won’t think about food.


Chew slowly

The faster you eat, the more anxiety you will have and the more anxiety, the more hunger… And so we enter an infinite loop. In this case, the best thing is to make an effort and try to chew the food well. You will notice the changes right away, not only at the digestive level but also at the satiety level.


Natural medicine for eating disorders

All these foods and tricks will help you reduce excessive food cravings. Combined with a natural satiety and appetite suppressant like CC Health’s High Impact Fat Burner, you’ll be ready to tackle the urge to raid the pantry – you can!