How to lose fat but not weight?

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When you set out to transform your physique, the first challenge is usually to lose weight. However, lowering the needle on your scale does not always mean an improvement in your body. The best thing is to keep the same volume, so you may be wondering how to lose fat but not weight.

The first thing you should know is that what is important is not the number but the body composition of each person. Two people who weigh exactly the same may look completely different. There is no point in being underweight or thin if your body fat percentage is excessive.


How to lose fat without losing weight?

If you have already convinced yourself that the best thing is to decrease your body fat percentage and you don’t want to lose weight, you may be wondering if this is possible. Yes, my dear friend, this is possible for a very simple reason.

The density of fat and muscle are different, so the same amount of both will occupy a different space. What we are interested in then is reducing the space of fat and increasing the space of muscle. This way you will keep the same weight but in a much healthier way.

In addition, on an aesthetic level it is also much more beneficial. When you lose weight in excess, also decreasing the percentage of muscle, the result you get is flaccidity and in many cases, excess skin. On the contrary, if you gain muscle, your body will look much more toned and smooth. And that’s what we’re looking for, right? A truly sculpting body.


Diet and training: the perfect tandem

As we explained, it’s about losing fat and gaining muscle. And the best way to achieve this result is to follow a proper diet and always support it with an exercise routine.

The latter is very important when it comes to gaining muscle, because when you diet without following a training program, you only lose weight. Therefore, it is essential to exercise regularly to maintain and strengthen the muscles.

The ideal would be to combine cardiovascular exercises, which help reduce weight, with strength exercises.


Tips for burning fat without losing weight

Make 5 meals a day

You may be tired of hearing about it, but it’s true: the best thing is to eat five times a day. By dividing the amount of times we eat, we also divide the amount of calories and the result is more meals but lighter.

This not only helps our organism to process food better, but also favors the recovery process.


Partially reduces calorie intake

Eliminating calories from our diet helps to lose weight, but also to lose muscle and that is precisely what we do not want. That is why they should not be drastically reduced, but rather progressively and never completely removed.

The consumption of calories must be balanced according to the needs of the organism of each one. In no case should the caloric contribution be lower than 10%.


Incorporate complex carbohydrates into your diet

Carbohydrates should not be suppressed, although in large quantities they can cause weight gain. That is why the best option is to incorporate complex carbohydrates into your diet, since they are more beneficial and provide more energy than simple ones.

Complex carbohydrates provide energy for a longer time, since they take longer to digest. And they are found in foods such as whole-grain flours, fruit, legumes and vegetables.

However, while we sleep we do not consume energy so it is stored in our body as fat. So the most advisable thing is to avoid this type of food at night.


Eat satiety foods

Another good tactic for losing fat without losing weight is to eat satiety foods. These will help you control the amount of food you eat, avoiding excesses, and will not make you gain weight either. This type of food is for example cereals, fruits and vegetables, etc.


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