Which fruit can be eaten at night to avoid gaining weight?

Which fruit can be eaten at night so as not to put on weight?

The last meal of the day is one of the most important as it influences the quality of your sleep and your weight. If you notice that you are sleeping badly lately or that you are putting on a few extra kilos and you want to put an end to this situation, today’s post will be of interest to you. To avoid these problems you should choose your food wisely, eat small portions and establish a schedule for eating, especially at dinner. And although many people think that eating fruit for dinner is the healthiest option, in some cases it is not so. That’s why today from Camino de Cabras Health we are going to clarify which fruit can be eaten at night to avoid gaining weight and what is the best time to eat it.


Until what time can you eat fruit so as not to put on weight?

Fruit provides us with the energy we need to cope with our daily activities. That is why we can eat any type of fruit in the morning, at midday or in the afternoon. It is quite another matter when to eat fruit so as not to put on weight. If we eat it in the evening and go to bed early, we will not be using up the energy.

The best thing for our digestive system and for our organism in general is to eat dinner at least two or three hours before going to bed. And if we can’t resist eating fruit in the evening, you should know that it can increase our blood sugar levels, making it difficult to lose weight. Therefore, the best time to eat fruit and not put on weight is before 6 pm, because after that time our metabolism starts to slow down and the excess sugar will not be burnt off.


The best fruit to eat for dinner

The ideal way to have a healthy and balanced dinner is to incorporate proteins and healthy fats. But we know that some people find it impossible to resist eating a piece of fruit for dinner. And although all fruit is healthy, some is more recommendable than others to eat at night. You should know which fruit can be eaten at night to avoid gaining weight. 

This depends on the amount of water or sugar and, precisely for this reason, you should rule out fruit with a higher concentration of fructose to eat before going to bed. Remember that sugar turns into fat and if you don’t burn it, it will make you put on weight. So, if your intention is to lose weight or maintain your sculpted body, you should be careful about which fruits you eat for dinner.


Fruits that are not fattening at night

Within the universe of fruits, there are three that are particularly recommended for eating late in the day. Apples, pears and melons are fruits that can be eaten at night and are not fattening. They are undoubtedly the best options for the body as they are low in calories and sugar and also help us to relax. Try eating one of these three fruits for dinner and you will see how you feel. You’ll have sweet dreams again, you’ll say goodbye to heartburn and you’ll feel lighter the next morning. Wonderful!

Apples are filling, low in calories and high in fibre. But don’t forget that it is best to eat the apple unpeeled, as the skin is where the greatest amount of fibre and vitamins are concentrated. As for pears and melons, they contain large amounts of water and a low percentage of calories. They are also rich in fibre, potassium, calcium and zinc.


Fruits to avoid at night

Just as there are some fruits that are more appropriate to eat at night, there are others that should be avoided. Such is the case of citrus fruits, including oranges, mandarins and lemons, all of which are acidic fruits. But you should also take into account grapes, pineapple and plums as they can produce acidity and this does not help you to fall asleep. On the other hand, you should also avoid certain fruits rich in fructose. And in this group we could highlight kiwi, banana, red fruits, mango, peach and apricots.

So, dear friends, in order to enjoy these delicious fruits, it is best to do it during the day, when our metabolism is more active and we can burn calories. And if you want to know how to lose fat but not weight, we recommend you take a look at this post.