There are only two months left to finish the year, and what better way to do it than with a couple of kilos less, right? To achieve this, you must activate yourself with a healthy routine that combines exercise, food, and natural supplements. Today we will show you the best exercises to burn fat and end the year with a celebrity figure.

Importance of exercise to burn fat


Physical exercise allows burning of calories, thus favoring weight and fat loss. An exercise routine will help you increase muscle mass and speed up your metabolism.

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Exercises to burn fat

Here are the best exercises to burn fat and calories.

Jump rope

jump rope

One of the most effective exercises to lose weight is jumping rope or rope as it is known in other countries. It allows working both the upper and lower body. Depending on the intensity with which it is performed, between 300 and 500 calories can be burned in 30 minutes.

It is an exercise that requires little physical space and does not require much time. In addition to being one of the best exercises to burn fat, it also improves your coordination and helps concentration by working your entire body aerobically.



Burpees are short, high-intensity exercises that work every muscle in your body. It is one of the most effective exercises for burning calories and increasing muscular endurance, strength, and lung and cardiovascular capacity. They are also effective in enhancing coordination.

To perform burpees, you must start from an initial position (squat or squat) and place your hands on the ground with your head up. Subsequently, the legs are moved backward with the feet together, and a chest flexion is performed. Your back should be straight, and your chest should touch the ground.

It is recommended to perform at least ten burpees continuously for one minute. Per session, you can lose up to 400 calories. Start small to avoid future injuries.

Mountain Climbers


Also known as a climber or climber exercise, mountain climbers allow you to work your entire body. It is ideal for burning fat
abdomen and reducing swelling in that area. The mountain climber also works the cardiovascular system.

To start these exercises, you must lie face down on the floor, in a high plank position, supporting your hands with your fingers facing forward at shoulder height. Then we bring the knees to the chest alternately. Performing this type of exercise can burn up to 45 calories for every 5 minutes of exercise, depending on the intensity.

Squat jumps


The squat jump is a jump squat. This type of exercise is ideal for toning and strengthening the legs. In addition to enhancing and helping to lose fat throughout the lower body, it also strengthens the abdomen.

To perform this exercise, you start standing with your knees bent and your feet apart. The hips are brought back, and we bend the knees and lower until the hips reach the knees or a little below them. The back and upper body should remain straight, and the knees should not protrude over the balls of the feet. It is possible to lose up to 300 calories in one complete session. It is recommended to do a series of at least one minute of 15 repetitions minimum.

Jumping jacks


It is a jumping exercise that works the cardiovascular part. Although it focuses primarily on the legs, it also helps tone the abs, glutes, and arms. With this practice, you can lose up to 8 calories per minute, which is why it should be on this list of the best exercises to burn fat.

Swing with kettlebell


As its name indicates, this exercise consists of performing a swing with Russian weights or a kettlebell. It is essential to keep your back straight and exert force not only with your arms but also with your legs, middle area, and buttocks, which means that almost the whole body is working. With this exercise, you can lose up to 20 calories per minute. Do not hesitate to consider it one of the best exercises to burn fat.


push ups

Push-ups are recommended to burn calories since it is a complete exercise that works the chest and triceps muscles. The shoulders, hips, and heels must form a straight line. With this exercise, you can burn up to 125 calories in 15 minutes. How about?

Plank with leg raises


This type of plank is very effective when it comes to losing fat. You must start from the plank position, push the ground with your hands and raise your leg to the height of the buttock for a few seconds. Then you return to the starting position of the high plank and do the same procedure with the other leg. Up to 8 calories per minute can be lost with this exercise.

Now that you know the best exercises to burn fat, are you ready to start? With perseverance and discipline, you can reach your desired weight. Don’t forget to complement physical activity with our FAT BURNER supplement and, of course, a balanced diet rich in natural and healthy foods.