Recommendations for eating healthy at Christmas

eating healthy

Christmas is synonymous with celebration, union, and food. Out of habit, food is the perfect excuse to gather family and friends this month. In addition, it is usually copious food high in sugar and fat that, most of the time, falls heavy. In this article, we will share some recommendations for eating healthy at Christmas so that you can maintain your weight.

The excess of food this month of the year is the main reason we gain weight during these festivities. They continue to the end if you want to enjoy Christmas food in a controlled way and without gaining weight.

Essential tips for eating at Christmas and maintaining weight


To ensure that you eat healthy during the Christmas season, we recommend you try to follow the following tips:

  • Plan meals with different balanced menu options that include healthy foods. Opt for green foods such as greens and vegetables; avoid saturated fats such as sausages, fried foods, and sweets.
  • Make sure to eat all meals. Try to keep regular times and the number of meals you usually eat.
  • Avoid eating copious meals. Choose lighter options. Later we will give you some healthy options.
  • If possible, try to avoid snacks between meals. If you want to eat something between meals, try to do it with healthy snacks such as nuts.
  • Substitute mayonnaise-based sauces for avocado or olive oil vinaigrettes.
  • Moderate the consumption of foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.
  • When sitting at the table, control the portions. You can use small plates to ensure that you serve a moderate amount.
  • Eat calmly and chew each food well. It’s essential to avoid stress and technological distractions at mealtimes.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks. Hydration is essential to better digest food and avoids dehydration.
  • After eating, you can take a natural infusion to help digestion. Our Stomach Elixir tea is the ideal support for heavy meals. Relieves and relaxes common disorders caused by copious meals. Also, it combats heartburn, gas, heaviness, and stomach pain.
  • Stay physically active throughout the month. Don’t give up on exercise during this time of year. It is important to stick with an exercise routine. If we stop physical training this month, in January, we must make double the effort to return to weight or resume the objectives.
  • If you do not train regularly, you can go for a little walk after each meal.
  • Do not abuse alcohol at this time of year. This provides a high amount of calories.

Healthy food options for Christmas

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The idea is that you are open to eating at Christmas. But you can select those options that balance your plate or are healthier. Let’s look at some healthy food options to eat at Christmas.

1. Seafood


If you love seafood, this is an excellent option that you can consider. Prawns, lobsters, prawns, or spider crabs are ideal for their many vitamins and minerals. This will do the trick if you are looking for something healthy and delicious to eat for Christmas dinner.

2. Bluefish

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Tuna, salmon, and other oily fish are perfect for eating at this time of year. Their high content of protein, fatty acids, and Omega 3 make them ideal for preparing during these holidays.

3. Turkey

Turkey is one of the typical traditional foods at Christmas. Having lower fat levels than other meats can be an ideal option for Christmas dinners.

4. Clams and mussels


Clams and mussels are healthy options that can serve as appetizers before the main meal.

5. Vegetables

Vegetables and vegetables should be on your table this Christmas because they contain vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. When repeating, we recommend you opt for vegetables.

6. Include fruits on the candy table

Fruits are a healthy alternative to Christmas sweets. You can include tangerines, apples, grapes, pomegranates… the amounts and types of fruits you want. This way, you will offer more healthy options on the table.

7. Dried fruits

You can also offer dehydrated fruits as a healthy snack. They are rich in fiber, iron, and antioxidants.

8. Nuts

Nuts are the favorite of many at this time and throughout the year. They are ideal for putting as healthy snacks on the table. You can place almonds, cashews, peanuts, broad beans, walnuts, and pistachios. Rich in healthy fats with great health benefits.

9. Broths and vegetable purees

To start Christmas dinners, you can opt for broths, soups, or vegetable purees as they provide low-calorie content and are rich in vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

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