Running is a sports practice that consists of running a certain distance at a set time. The main objectives of runners are to run to practice a sport, be fit and achieve goals.

Throughout the year, runners compete in various races or marathons. For this, they must prepare months before achieving a successful career. If you are a beginner at running, this article will help you prepare for your first race as a runner.

Health benefits of running

Those who adopt running as a constant sports practice will be able to achieve great health benefits, such as:

  • Reduces the risk of suffering from diabetes, obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis, and hypercholesterolemia, among others.
  • It improves the immune system, which protects the body from harmful substances and free radicals.
  • Strengthens the lungs and bronchi.
  • It helps you lose weight or keep it off thanks to the high caloric burn.
  • Improves bone density. Running helps strengthen bones, thus preventing osteoporosis.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It tones the entire body, not just the legs.
  • Improve memory.
  • Promotes night’s sleep.
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence.
  • Protects the cardiovascular system.
  • Releases endorphins which allow a better feeling of general well-being.

How to prepare for your first race as a runner?


If you are starting to run, you should know that to participate in a marathon, you must have prior physical preparation.

  • Create a training plan that combines walking and running.
  • Start training two to three months before the race. If your main objective is to beat your first race without breaking a record, this time will be enough to achieve it. When you already have time in this world and want to set a record, you must prepare six months in advance, train three times a week, and lead a particular lifestyle.
  • Do high-intensity interval training to help you run longer at high speeds.
  • Set a pace goal for interval running during your workouts. This, will help you find the right pace in a professional race.
  • In your first race, you should not consider how to set the distance, duration, or pace. The important thing is to take the step of starting and finishing at your own pace.
  • Get the necessary clothing and shoes for running. Buy running shoes that make you feel comfortable. In the same way, look for sports clothing suitable for the race.
  • Run. To prepare for your first race, you must start running. You can start running at least three times a week for 20 minutes. Then you progressively increase the number of days and the duration.
  • Give the importance it deserves to warm up and cool down. When you warm up well, it is easier to run. At the same time, the cool down helps to reach the state of rest necessary after a race.
  • Find a group or a running partner to feel more encouraged. Always running in the company of someone helps not to abandon the goal.
  • A recommendation for beginners preparing for their first race is to try running on different surfaces and places.
  • Make annotations of your races to be able to measure your progress. This way, you can observe the objectives achieved and establish new ones. These annotations will allow you to measure your effort and motivate you to continue further and further.
  • When you are close to the day of the race, you should reduce the training so that your body can assimilate all the work done before the race. Your body should be recovered and rested for race day.
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  • To recover your body from training, drink our Anti-Fatigue Tea before bed to relax and heal your body. You can drink both teas months or weeks before your first running race to help you find the desired result.
  • Take a supplement before the first race that gives you the conditions to achieve the proposed objectives. For that, our FAT BURNER is ideal. You will feel your legs go by themselves at the rhythm you need. The dose of Vitamin C reduces fatigue and makes you tire less. In addition to helping you burn more calories in less time.

Tips for race day


On race day, you should consider some essential considerations to reach your goal.

  • Rest. Before running, you should rest enough.
  • Take a relaxing shower before leaving home to calm down.
  • Before the race, do an excellent warm-up to prepare the body. For a marathon, you can warm up for at least 10 minutes. You can warm up for at least 20 minutes for more intense short runs.
  • Hours before the race, you can’t uncontrollably hydrate just because you’re going to run. The days before the race, you should stay hydrated. You can hydrate before running but not excessively. It is also not recommended to drink a new drink that day.
  • Do not eat anything at least three hours before the race to ensure proper digestion. You should avoid running on a full stomach.
  • The day before the race, you should eat well for breakfast and lunch and have a light dinner rich in carbohydrates. On race day, avoid high-fiber foods.
  • Avoid wearing too many clothes on race day. Do not wear new shoes or clothes on the day of the competition to avoid discomfort. The idea is to run with the clothes and accessories you regularly wear.
  • Pick a good location to go out. Avoid leaving too far behind. You must avoid starting the race at a much higher pace that you cannot carry later. It is advisable to go quietly and then gradually increase the speed.
  • Meet and analyze the race circuit days before. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the climbs and curves and establish a strategy.
  • Keep your optimism up. When you think of stopping, think of all your efforts to reach that career. Thinking about the satisfaction of reaching the goal will give you greater motivation.

Now that you have the necessary recommendations to prepare for your first race as a runner, it’s time to start running.