Learn to prepare your own Chai Latte with our SLIM TEA CHAI

Surely you have heard about the popular chai latte that coffee shops cannot miss. Despite its current boom, the chai latte is one of India’s oldest infusions in the world. It owes its name to the well-known café latte, even though it does not contain coffee among its ingredients. Before we learn more about chai...
chai latte tea

Spirulina benefits for athletes.

The rise of superfoods has allowed the study and use of natural foods that were little known recently but are of great health benefit. One of those is Spirulina, which today is a trend among superfoods and gained greater recognition for being used in the diet of astronauts at NASA. Although today it has acquired...
beneficios de la spirulina

Benefits of Selenium for the body

Selenium is an essential trace element for the proper functioning of the body. The body cannot produce Selenium, so it must be supplied through the diet or a supplement. Selenium stands out for its remarkable antioxidant properties, helping to prevent diseases such as cancer and strengthening the immune system. It is also characterized by being anti-inflammatory,...
beneficios del selenio

Main sports to practice in summer

The arrival of summer should not be an impediment for you to continue practicing your favorite sport or doing some physical activity. If you want to preserve your figure during the holidays, you can practice some of the most common summer sports. Do you want to know what they are? Stay until the end and...
sports in summer